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Fish-Connect is the online business-to-business platform for the fish industry in Europe. The platform is designed by professionals to fulfill the following needs in the market:

- Increase findability of players in the fish industry. 
- Platform to present your company among peers.
- Development of an effective acquisition tool.
- Quick and easy way to find or offer products online, among a broad public.

This project is co-funded by the European Fisheries Fund.

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The online platform offers your company the following possibilities:

- Create an extensive and professional company profile and present your organisation to all members

- Find prospect or be found by companies which are looking for your product or service

- Offer your services and/or products at the Fish or Service market

- Network with all the other members and find the right contact person

- Keep up to date with the timeline and keep informed of what's going on in the European fish industry.

Fish-Connect has a team that is working fulltime at the development of the platform so it will only get better.

A must have marketing tool for every player in the European fish industry!

On the Fish-Connect platform you will find no advertising or spam. The team at Fish-Connect is available 24/7 to help you and to answer your questions and can be reached via the contact page.

Each profile that you see is screened by our team in order to prevent illegal activities.

Purpose of Fish-Connect is to get your company in touch with industry peers. The way of making contact with a potential new customer or supplier is totally up to you. Fish-Connect or any other business has nothing to do with that and no commission will be charged.

Yes, it is possible to create multiple users for one company. Follow these steps to realize this:

1) Login to Fish-Connect.

2) Go to My Profile and click Edit.

3) Choose the Team tab and add your colleagues.

4) Make sure that the button "Make this team member a user" is activated.

5) Your colleague will receive an email with personal login information!

If you're not logged in, click on the link 'Forgot Password' on the homepage and follow the instructions.

If you are logged in then change your password by following these steps:

1) Click on My Profile
2) Click on Edit
3) Click on the My Account tab, which should appear next to the Offers tab 
4) You can change your password and username on this page

Fish-Connect makes a distinction between two categories of companies: seafood companies and service providers/ suppliers. Seafood companies all pay the same subscription fee (150,- euro per year). This will give them access to all the possibilities of Fish-Connect.

With service providers/suppliers, Fish-Connect means transport, packaging, machinerie-,consultancy etc. companies. Fish-Connect offers these companies a unique tool to reach their target audience in an effective way. A service supplier/supplier will pay 895, - euro per year and thus gain access to all the possibilities of Fish-Connect.

Yes, you can! After your registration an trial version of 30 days will start automatically (no costs involved). During this time, you can explore all the possibilities of Fish-Connect. After the trial period you can choose to become a permanent member or to renounce membership.

To reach the Fish-Connect team, feel free to call: +31 (0) 857 73 1940